The are still places open for some of our 2017 summer programs and we are extending our application deadline to April 15th.

Program A is full and starting a waiting list. Programs B, C, D and E are confirmed as running this summer and have space for more participants. There is also space in all of our intersession programs.

If you have any questions, please contact Polly Withers at pwithers@iirpsemail.org.

Follow this link for: PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS 

Discount on multiple program fees: apply to more than one program and we will deduct 10% from your second tuition fee.


Please make sure to read this whole page.

SGPS Programs are open to any of the following applicants: college and university students interested in the field of preservation, continuing education students, people with working experience in the fields of restoration, preservation and other related fields. All applicants must be over 18 years old and consenting adults.

1. Determine the session and program you are interested in:
Session I: May 29 – June 23, 2017 (programs include historic buildings [full capacity/waiting list], archaeological ceramics and book bindings restoration)
Intersession choices:  Programs include Italy Preservation Field Trip (June 25 to July 4), Athens – Coexistence of Memory and Modernity  (June 25 to July 6) and History and Culture of Food in Italy (June 26 to July 7).
Session II: July 10 – August 4, 2017 (programs include paper restoration and painting techniques)

2. Determine if you are taking the course for a certificate issued by SGPS or for credit by your university. Please see our FAQ page for further information on obtaining credit for our programs.

3. If you require course credit, field experience credit or internship credit from your university, please check with your school to determine if they will accept work done at SGPS. Upon request, SGPS will provide your school with the syllabi of your courses, record of your attendance and a grade and evaluation if you so request.

4. Fill out the SGPS application form and follow all instructions indicated on that form. Extended deadlineApril 15, 2017, for both Session I & Session II. This date will be extended if there is space available in the program. If you have any problems filling in the form, please contact Polly Withers at pwithers@iirpsemail.org.

Online Application Form

Please use our online application link above. If you have any problems with the form, you can also download one of our forms in Word: Download Application Forms

5. Shortly after we receive your application form, you will be contacted by us via email. You will be required to pay the application fee of $50 as well as a $450 deposit to activate your application (see refund policy below) by March 15, 2017.

6. Submit the following documentation:
a) If you are currently a student: a transcript from your college or university to document that you are enrolled in an institution of higher learning.
b) If you are a graduate: proof of your college or university degree. If you have no degrees: proof of work experience in the field of conservation or related fields.
c) All applicants: one letter of recommendation from a professor or employer. This can be mailed or emailed directly by the professor or employer.
d) All applicants must submit proof you are 18 years or older: (copy of passport is preferable, or driver’s license or birth certificate)
Documentation is not required at the same time, however, all required documents should be received before we can officially accept your application.

7. If you have any questions about the application procedure contact: Polly Withers, US Tel: (718) 768-3508, email: pwithers@iirpsemail.org

8. If you have any questions about the program contact Polly Withers or Max Cardillo: US Tel: (718) 768-3508, email: pwithers@iirpsemail.org or mcardillo@iirpsemail.org

9. IMPORTANT: There are two documents that, in order to participate in the SGPS program, students must a) review, b) email SGPS confirmation that they agree to the conditions set (see instructions below), c) provide signed copies before classes begin.

1) Liability release form
2) Student rules and regulations

10. The mandatory health and accident insurance is purchased and administered by SGPS, NOT BY THE STUDENTS. The insurance is mandatory for the duration of your participation in the San Gemini Preservation Studies program.

Note: Please do not make travel arrangements until you have been accepted and received confirmation. SGSP reserve the right to review the applicants and determine who will be accepted into the programs.

Refund Policy: On March 16th we will establish if we have the enrollment required for the program to go ahead. Should the program be cancelled due to low enrollment, or any other SGSP decision, applicants will be fully refunded. If an applicant withdraws their application before the March 16th deadline, they will be refunded the $450 deposit but not the $50 application fee. Those students that withdraw their application after March 16 will not receive a refund of either the application fee or the deposit.



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