Gallery: Making historic book facsimiles

Gallery: Fitting phase boxes to bound registers of the SGHA

Gallery: Digitization of the SGHA


In 2013 the bookbinding restoration course workshop dedicated two weeks when students constructed  blank page books using some traditional historic methods of bookbinding, this was a purely academic exercise which is meant o make students familiar with the structure, materials and process of fabricating  some traditional types of book bindings:

Islamic Style

 Western Medieval,

• Limp Parchment  

Modern Western Case Binding

The remaining time was dedicated to analysis, documentation and conservation measures for books among which were the following activities done as part of The San Gemini Archives Restoration Project:

making protective phase boxes for  delicate material in the SG Historic Archive

building cradles for photographing delicate books

digitizing part of the San Gemini Historic Archive (SGHA)


The San Gemini Historic archives have in their collection of bound document some with very rare binding methods; this is due to two reasons first it is the age of archive goring back to the late 14th Century and second that being a small archive with limited resources over time they did very little rebinding.


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