Summer 2016

Restoration of Traditional Masonry Buildings in Italy
# SG201 (3 units) syllabus
Surveying and Analyzing Historic Buildings
# SG202 (3 units) not offered in 2016
Sketching and Analyzing Historic Buildings
# SG209 (3 units) syllabus
Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics
# SG203A (3 units) syllabus
Restoration of Archaeological Ceramics
# SG203B (3 units) syllabus
Introduction to the History and Craft of Book Binding
# SG204A (3 units) syllabus
Introduction to Conservation and Restoration of Book Bindings
# SG204B (3 units) syllabus

Preservation Tour: Siena, Florence, and Rome
# SG205 (1 unit) ** syllabus
Athens: Heritage and Modernity
# IA 101 (2 units) syllabus
Paper Media and Restoration Methods
# SG206A (3 units) syllabus
Paper Restoration Workshop
# SG206 B (3 units) syllabus
Restoration Theory Ethics and Issues
# SG207 (2 units) syllabu
Traditional Materials, Methods of Painting and Art Restoration Issues
# SG208A (2 units) syllabus
Traditional Painting Workshop
# SG208B (2 units) syllabus
The History of Food in Italy
# SG210 (2 units) syllabus

* All students must take two courses per session (6 units)
It is not possible to participate in two programs during the same session because of schedule conflicts.
Class sizes are limited. This course list and schedule are provisional, awaiting approval and enrollments.
Units are comparable to credits.






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