San Gemini Program
Our summer courses and field schools take place in the town of San Gemini, Italy, where, for the past 12 years, we have established a collaboration with local public, nonprofit and private organizations to carry on a series of courses and field projects that  benefit the preservation of the local cultural heritage and give our students the opportunity to  study and get hands-on experience in the field of conservation and restoration.

San Gemini is a beautiful, small hill town in Umbria along the ancient Roman road, the Via Flaminia. Located between Rome and Florence, it is a convenient base for travel in central Italy, situated within easy reach of some of the most interesting places of cultural interest in Italy.

The program and courses offered in San Gemini for the summer of 2012 are:

Session 1
May 20 – June 16 (4 weeks)

PROGRAM  A: Building Restoration
• Introduction to Art and Building Restoration in Italy
# S1-1 (3 Units) syllabus
• Surveying and Analyzing Historic Buildings
# S1-2 (3 Units) syllabus

PROGRAM B: Ceramic Restoration
Course :
• Introduction to Conservation of Archaeological Ceramic  in Italy
#S1-3(3Units) syllabus
• Introduction to Archaeological Ceramic Conservation in Italy – Workshop
#S1-4 (3Units) syllabus

June 19 – June 27 (9 days)
• Intersession Field Trip
# FT-1 (1 Unit) syllabus

Session 2
June 30 – July 28 (4 weeks)

PROGRAM C: Painting Restoration

• Restoration  in Italy – Issues and Theory
# S2-1 (2 Units) syllabus
• Traditional Painting Materials and Methods and Restoration Techniques
# S2-2 (4 Units) syllabus

PROGRAM D: Restoration of Paper in Books and Artwork
• Introduction to Restoration of Paper in Books and Artwork
# S2-3 (4 Units) syllabus
• Restoration in Italy – Issues and Theory
# S2-1 (2 Units) syllabus

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