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Course: Introduction to Conservation of Archaeological Ceramics – Part 2, Workshop # SG203B (syllabus )

Prof. Elena Lorenzetti (Archaeology)
Prof. Elena Raimondi (Conservation)

Field work done by students in 2013

Restoration of grave goods from the Roman burial found in Coranoni near Norcia

In 2013 a very interesting project was done: the restoration of a set of pottery that was part of the grave goods of a  recently discovered burial site near Norcia at a construction site. The finds were damaged accidentally by an excavation plow. These pieces were lent to the SGPS by the Archaeological Museum of Perugia for restoration.


Object PhotoObjectStudent Restorer &
Restoration Report
P1040120smallBasket inv. 642591/85Alexandra Beuscher
P1040158-smallJug inv. 643592Amelie April Tyler
P1040056 smallPatera inv. 643584 Benedetta Baleani
P1030991-smallMug inv. SMJC7 Chelsea Conway
P1040112 smallBeaker inv. 643588Danielle Settlemeyer
P1040025 smallSmall Krater inv.643590Marlena Saez
P1040142 smallBeaker inv. 643587 Hillary Stucker

Pottery typology analysis

The pottery diagnostic studies were part of a different exercise analyzing finds from the excavations done in Roman Carsulae and the Palatine in Rome.

ObjectStudent Restorer &
Restoration Report
Diagnostic drawings
Cooking Ware rim
Cup rim
Cooking ware base
Amelie April Tyler Diagnostic drawings
Pan - rim and base
Cooking Pot rim
Chelsea ConwayDiagnostic drawings
Amphora CInerary Urn - rim
Small bottle - base
Danielle SettlemeyerDiagnostic drawings
Bowl - rim
Cup- rim and base
Marlena Saez Diagnostic drawings
Fritulus - base
Cooking pot- rim
Hillary StuckerDiagnostic drawings

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