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San Gemini Preservation Studies 2018

In order for your application to be valid, you must send us the application fee and program deposit by March 15, 2018.

Below is a payment form that you can download along with instructions. We will send confirmations of receipt of payments by email. Please contact Polly Withers at pwithers@iirpsemail.org if you have any problems or questions regarding costs and payment.


Methods of Payment:

  1. By check or money order. Print out this form, complete the bottom section selecting the fees you are including in this payment, detach it and send it, along with a check (or money order) made payable to the International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies (or IIRPS), to: Attn: Polly Withers, 203 7th Avenue, 5A, Brooklyn, New York 11215. We accept checks from US banks. We do not accept checks from foreign banks, nor do we accept checks or money orders in currency other than US dollars.
  2. *Wire transfers in US Dollars (must include $15 per wire transfer to cover bank fees). This is usually how participants from outside the US pay.
  3. *Direct bank to bank payment (includes a surcharge per payment).
  4. *Credit Card payment (includes a surcharge per payment).

*If you are interested in finding out how to pay by wire transfer, credit card, or directly from your bank to IIRPS bank, please contact Polly Withers at pwithers@iirpsemail.org.

Payments are not required to follow the schedule on the payment form and can include any and all fees earlier than the deadline due date. Please note that we will charge for any bank fees incurred by bouncing checks, etc.

San Gemini Preservation Studies
International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies

203 Seventh Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
tel. 718 768 3508