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Benefit from our discount on multiple program fees. Apply for 2 programs we will deduct 10% from your 2nd tuition fee (a savings of $330).

Tuition to programs A, B, C, D, E and F includes:
Academic costs for the equivalent of 6 units, transportation during academic field trips within Italy that are part of that course, materials and tools**, buffet reception, welcome packet, and final dinner.

Tuition for the Intersession Field Trip to Siena, Florence and Rome includes:
Academic costs, transportation, hotel accommodations and breakfast, museum tickets when part of organized academic tours, academic handouts and final dinner.  This trip is optional and not part of regular programs; students must enroll and pay for this program separately. Tuition does not include: Airfare to Italy, food, required insurance.



Basic tuition:

Program A  –  6 units (4 weeks) $3,300

Program B  –  6 units (4 weeks) $3,300

Program C  –  6 units (4 weeks) $3,300

Program D  –  6 units (4 weeks) $3,300

Program E  –  6 units (4 weeks) $3,300

Program F  –  6 units (4 weeks) $3,300

Intersession Trip to Siena, Florence and Rome – 1 unit* (10 days)  $2,000

Note on credit:

– The “units” above are not University or College credits but are the equivalent in student work.
– Students getting credit from their own university for participation in our programs may have extra fees to pay directly to the crediting institution.


Other Fees:

  • Application fee $50
  • Housing $600
  • Mandatory Health insurance $51/ Month (students age 18-25; students above age 25 will cost more). 2 months will be necessary if participating in the Intersession Field Trip***. 3 months will be necessary if participating in two programs.
  • Optional Certificate of Completion fee $20, to cover postage. All participants receive an evaluation via email at no extra charge.



Total Costs (excluding airfare, food and insurance):

One program = US$3,950

One program + Intersession Field Trip in Italy = US$5,950

Two programs + Intersession Field Trip in Italy = US$9,520 (includes 10% deduction on 2nd program tuition fees)

Food: Food is not provided in San Gemini. Students will have kitchens available where they can prepare their own meals. Students can expect food cost to range from $7 to $75 dollars per day and have the following options:

  • Cook their own meals ($7 to $15 per day),
  • Local restaurants and pizzerias ($10 to $30 per meal).

* All fees must be received in US dollars. Wire transfers must include an extra US$15.00 to cover bank fees. It is very unlikely, but costs may vary from this estimate according to enrollment, currency fluctuations, or changes in prices. Final costs can be confirmed after March 15th, 2018.

** Personal tools: (SGPS does not provide personal tools to students) work gloves, safety boots, safety glasses, computer laptops or cameras. Please check the requirements of each course.

*** Mandatory Health Insurance is not included in the program fees. SGPS coordinates this coverage through CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International).

Receiving credit from your university may involve extra fees, please check with your advisors.

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