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As part of the pedagogic activities of the course Introduction to Conservation of Archaeological Ceramics – Workshop #SG203B (syllabus ), students are involved in the study and restoration of archaeological pottery. They work on finds from classical and medieval periods coming from several sources: the excavation of the Public Baths in Carsulae, from recent excavations at the Palatine Hill in Rome, and the store rooms of the Archaeological Museum of Abruzzo.

The work done on the objects started with the sorting, analysis and documentation of the sherds. This was followed by conservation work that involved the cleaning and reassembly of the surviving pieces and the infill of the missing portions of pottery. All the work was carried out by SGPS students under the close supervision of the faculty.

The material is chosen according to the following criteria: availability, quality and interest of the pieces and whether the work required is compatible with the skills of our students and time frame of the course. An important objective of the project is to harness the work being done in the classroom to help local archaeological institutions preserve and conserve the materials that they ave found. SGPS has a longstanding, working relationship with the excavation of the Public Baths in Carsulae, led by Prof, Jane Whitehead.

Sponsors and Collaborations

San Gemini Preservation Studies
Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Storico San Gemini
Excavation of the Public Baths of Carsulae, Valdosta State University
Comune di San Gemini
Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio dell’Abruzzo
Musei Archeologici d’ Abruzzo
Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio dell’Umbria
Museo Archeologico di Perugia
Centro Visita e Documentazione “U.Ciotti” di Carsulae


Prof. Elena Lorenzetti (Archeology)
Prof. Elena Raimondi (Conservation)
Prof. Giulia Barella (Conservation)

Restoration done in 2011 workshop

Restorations done in 2012 workshop

Grave Goods from Roman Burrial 2013

San Gemini Preservation Studies
International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies

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