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San Gemini Historic Archives – now digitalised and available online!

July 30th , 2015 → 5:13 am @

We have created a website that presents restored and digitalised documents from the San Gemini archives dating from the end of the 14th Century to 1861. Much of this work is carried out by participants in our Paper Restoration program.

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San Gemini Conservation and History of Book Structures Course

March 5th , 2014 → 11:52 pm @

An article by: Flavio Marzo   Palazzo Vecchio,  the 14th Century City Hall one of the historical buildings where the preservation classes are held San Gemini Preservation Studies is a summer field school that organizes lectures, research, fieldwork, workshops and fieldtrips in the disciplines of historic preservation, restoration and conservation. It is located in Central […]

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Book Binding Restoration Course – Workshop project

April 6th , 2013 → 8:51 am @

Book Binding Restoration – new program offered by San Gemini Preservation Studies in 2013 The first two weeks of the workshop involves making four facsimile of historical book binding types using original materials and tools. The purpose of this exercise is for students to understand the structure, materials and manufacturing process of each book type. […]

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The Role of Risk Assessment in Digitising Special Collections

March 29th , 2013 → 5:02 pm @

  The Role of Risk Assessment in Digitising Special Collections by Roswitha Ketzer, Collections Conservation Quality Manager, Flavio Marzo, Gulf History Arabic Science Project Conservator, and Jane Pimlott, Preventive Conservator, The British Library, UK As we go through the process of digitising  much the world’s written documentation particularly when dealing with rare books and unique […]

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Custom-made book cradles for the digitisation process

March 27th , 2013 → 12:06 am @

  The creation of a custom-made cradle to minimise risk during the digitisation process  Article by Flavio Marzo published in the website of bookandpapergathering.org . The following article is very interesting and relevant to the San Gemini Historic Archive Digitisation Project being now carried on by the San Gemini Preservation Studies. A delicate aspect of digitization […]

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The Qatar British Library Digitisation Project

March 26th , 2013 → 11:34 pm @

By Flavio Marzo   The Qatar Foundation (QF) and the British Library (BL) have agreed to develop a long-term partnership (10 years) to provide online access to digital copies of geographically-scattered collections of archives and manuscripts relating to the Arabic world through a portal. Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development is a private, […]

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Codex Sinaiticus

March 26th , 2013 → 4:29 pm @

Codicology: the History of the Structural Features of the Codex Sinaiticus –  an article by Flavio Marzo The Codex Sinaiticus is perhaps the oldest copy of the New Testament written in Greek; it was written in the 4th Century and was kept in the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Saint Catherine in the Sinai. This very […]

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The Protective Roof Over the Carsulae Excavation Area

February 3rd , 2013 → 2:51 pm @

One of projects of the San Gemini Preservation Studies Program is a collaboration with the archaeologists excavating the Roman Baths in Carsuale. Our main role will be the consolidation of the building structures that are being excavated. The first major challenge we have faced is that the structures emerging from the ground are very fragile: […]

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San Gemini Local Information Site

May 18th , 2012 → 3:03 am @

Here’s a link to the San Gemini local tourist board – “Pro loco”. They have good information about getting about. Also, they frequently list events going on in town as well as other useful information about local sites: http://www.prosangemini.it/en/index.php

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Finding History in Art – Iconographic Survey of San Giovanni Battista

March 23rd , 2012 → 1:12 am @

By Max Cardillo As part of the survey of the church of San Giovanni Battista, in San Gemini, we are doing an art and iconographic study. The most important and complete pieces of art are two canvases painted at the beginning of the 17th Century: one By Giovan Battista Manna in 1618, the Madona della […]

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