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Dormitio Virginis – “Dormition of the Virgin”

March 17th , 2012 → 2:02 pm @

  Nikolas Vakalis Dormitio Virginis March 17, 2012 «Dormitio Virginis» is the Latin term for «Virgin Mary’s sleep», referring to the death of the Holy Virgin. It’s not a really common, yet very important, representation in Marian iconography: that of the Virgin Mary laying on her deathbed in the center of a composition depicting the […]

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San Gemini Preservation Studies 2012

March 17th , 2012 → 10:37 am @

Max Cardillo March 17, 2012   The San Gemini Preservation Studies Program, now in its 14th year, is dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage and offers students the opportunity to study and travel in Italy. The courses offered are listed below: Building Restoration* (May 20th thru Jun 16th, 2012) • Introduction to Art and […]

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Looking at the world through ancient pottery

March 17th , 2012 → 2:17 am @

Elena Gabriella Lorenzetti Looking at the world through ancient pottery March 17, 2012 Have you ever thought how much in everyday life has been handed down to us from the lifestyle of the Greeks and Romans? When I started to study ancient pottery, quite a long time ago (1993), every single piece of pottery interested […]

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Documentation in restoration, from paper to CAD

March 17th , 2012 → 1:35 am @

Elena Raimondi, Documentation in restoration, from paper to CAD March 15,2012 In the theory of conservation, even if reversibility is a fundamental requisite, when it comes to the facts – conservation work is often not reversible. With respect to documentation, it is a conservationist’s duty to record the artifact’s details and it’s restoration history. But, […]

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Archeological Pottery and Ceramics – Analysis and Conservation an Intensive Four Week Course

March 11th , 2012 → 10:25 pm @

Archeological Pottery and Ceramics – Analysis and Conservation Intensive four week course and field project, Italy – May 20 to June 16   This year, like last, the San Gemini Preservation Studies Program will be offering a four week intensive course on Analysis and Conservation of Archeological Ceramics and Pottery. This summer will be the […]

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Restoration: Learning about an artist’s techniques

February 28th , 2012 → 2:31 pm @

  Nikos Vakalis,  Athens,   2/21/2012 Restoration: Learning about an artist’s techniques The aim of restoration is the give to the ancient artifacts a chance to survive overtime, but restoration is also the opportunity to study materials, techniques, and even working habits of the artists. The close examination of an artifact, particularly when it concerns […]

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Interesting Book and Paper Conservation Visits in Athens

February 21st , 2012 → 1:00 pm @

Konstantinos Choulis, Athens February 15, 2012 Book & Paper Conservator Assistant Professor: Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art Technological Educational Institute, Athens   Our students enjoyed a very rich, last semester filled with events and extracurricular activities. We visited the Staikos’s collection of Greek incunabula and old printed books, guested in a […]

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Athens, January 16, 2012

February 21st , 2012 → 10:21 am @

  Nikos Vakalis, Athens On Monday, 16th of January, the participants of the program “Athens: Heritage and Modernity” left the capital of Greece, going back to their countries: Australia, USA, UK… having spent a “full immersion” of 11 days following lectures, visiting museums, walking through archaeological findings, and covering almost 3.000 years of history that […]

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Athens: Heritage and Modernity – January 2012

September 29th , 2011 → 12:53 am @

IIRPS is introducing a new program taking place January 5-15, 2012. This 11 day visit of Athens focuses on the preservation and conservation issues facing the city. The program involves a series of lectures and visits to monuments, museums and significant city neighborhoods. These will be lead by Athenian architects, historians, conservators and planners who have […]

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The Eremo of Portaria

March 25th , 2011 → 4:47 pm @

San Gemini – Cultural Experiences: Over the last several years, during my work with the Preservation Program in San Gemini, I have frequently hiked in the mountains east of town. Last year I finally visited the Franciscan monastery located on the north end of the mountain ridge. Built originally around the 1100’s (?), the lone […]

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