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Blogging from Ur #3

March 25th , 2011 → 4:20 pm @

Nikos Vakalis,  March 12, 2011 My stay in Iraq has reached its end. Yesterday I arrived in Athens, after 2 days of travel: from the base of Tallil to Baghdad, from the military airport of Baghdad to the «green zone» by helicopter, escorted by American militaries armed to the teeth. Then, the next day from […]

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Thinking about cleaning in restoration…

March 25th , 2011 → 2:55 pm @

Cleaning is a crucial step in restoring. It allows us to discover the object often hidden under layers of deposits, sometimes firmly attached to the substrate. In case of archeological ceramic artifacts, these foreign matters are usually made of soil or calcareous/siliceous encrustations. The objects during the long period buried can absorb several kind of […]

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The Archaeological Museum of Cairo – 2008

March 1st , 2011 → 5:10 pm @

In 2008 I worked for more than one month in one of the most important museums of the world: the Archeological Museum of Cairo. This museum, which is absolutely the richest regarding Egyptian antiquities, is unfortunately also in the worst condition amongst the great museums. Broken windows permit the highly polluted atmosphere of Cairo to […]

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Paper conservation project – Athens

March 1st , 2011 → 4:41 pm @

Konstantinos Choulis Book & Paper Conservator Assistant Professor Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art Technological Educational Institute, Athens With the application of a new programme in the *Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art* (Technological Educational Institute, Athens) started in September 2010, the Conservation of Graphic works was introduced under […]

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Blogging from Ur #2

March 1st , 2011 → 12:26 am @

The excavation has been stopped temporarily. Over the last week several protests have taken place in Nassiryia so it has been judged unwise for us to leave the base. Fortunately we had collected enough material – bricks that, according to their condition, have been considered suitable to be reused for the restoration of the masonry […]

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Restoring Murals in China

February 27th , 2011 → 11:46 am @

In the last couple of decades, China has made many efforts to update the methodological approach to the preservation of its vast cultural heritage. Many countries are contributing to support to these efforts and Italy, in addition to assisting in the restoration of specific monuments, has given an effective and very important contribution by creating […]

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Elena Raimondi, Professor for Ceramic Restoration Program

February 21st , 2011 → 11:38 am @

I will be teaching the second part of the course “Introduction to Conservation of Archaeological Ceramic in Italy”. Classes and workshops will take place in a characteristic building located in the medieval core of San Gemini, the former Monastery of San Agostino. Following students’ suggestions, we will be focusing our attention on restoring and on […]

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Carsulae – good start for the protective steel canopy

February 21st , 2011 → 11:16 am @

The Associazione Valorizzazione Del Patrimonio Storico, San Gemini (the local preservation group that has been sponsoring the excavation in Carsulae), has raised over 20,000 Euros for the protective canopy that will cover the Bath excavation area in Carsulae. This amount is about a third of the sum needed to build the structure. This first sum […]

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Blogging from Ur

February 19th , 2011 → 2:04 pm @

One week of digging at Ur. The view of the Ziggurat as soon as we arrive to the site still moves me. I start feeling confident with this situation: the people of the escort do their work in an excellent way. They check the area we are working on, to find if anything has been […]

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Elliptical city walls in San Gemini

February 14th , 2011 → 2:21 am @

Elliptical city  walls in San Gemini

Last summer, while studying the evolution of the Medieval city of San Gemini, we found evidence of a partially elliptical medieval circle of defensive walls. I have been examining other contemporary cities in Umbria and other regions of Italy. I have found several similar examples that range in time from the 10th to the 14th […]

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