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Nikos in Ur

February 14th , 2011 → 1:58 am @

Nikos in Ur

Nikos Vakalis, one of our faculty members and co-director of the San Gemini Preservation Program, is presently working at Ur the Sumerian city in Iraq, as part of a cultural collaboration between the Italian and Iraqi Governments. He is working on the consolidation of some masonry structures along with Iraqi conservation students. The work is […]

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Paper Restoration – A New Course for San Gemini Preservation Studies

February 7th , 2011 → 4:45 pm @

In 2011, the San Gemini Preservation Studies Program is adding to its list of programs a new course on the restoration of paper used in books or as a support media for art. In past years, students had frequently indicated an interest in a program of this kind. The course this summer will be both […]

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Ceramics Course Restructured for 2011

January 15th , 2011 → 12:51 pm @

The SGPS ceramics restoration program in the summer of 2011 will be restructured. The subject matter covered will have a different orientation from that followed in 2010. The workshop will be directed more towards ceramics analysis and restoration. In 2010, half the workshop time was dedicated to making ceramics using traditional methods and the second […]

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