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San Gemini Preservation Studies
The History and Culture of Food in Italy (2 units)
Session 1 (June 26 – July 7) 2 weeks
Course #: SG210 preliminary syllabus
Instructor: Prof. Tommaso Lucchetti
Director of Cooking Workshop
E-mail: mcardillo@iirpsemail.org


The course involves lecture classes in the morning (3 hrs.) given by Prof. Lucchetti. In the afternoon, students participate in an experimental cooking workshop (4hrs.). A total of 10 working days. The workshop is a laboratory for experimenting with ancient recipes and ways of processing food (NOT a cooking class dealing with commonly used recipes and foods). The workshop takes place in a newly renovated institutional kitchen within a medieval monastery, including a traditional wood open-fire grill. The original, medieval communal city bread oven is nearby for use during the program. The program includes field trips to local sites.


Students taking the course for credit will be required to write a short report and do a workshop project. The grade will be based on the completion and quality of the assignments and classroom participation.

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San Gemini Preservation Studies
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