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The San Gemini Preservation Studies program collaborates with the following organizations:

The International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies is a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works.




Associazione per la Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Storico, San Gemini

The Associazione is our principal institutional contact in San Gemini. Since 1993 this local nonprofit organization has dedicated their efforts to preserve the cultural heritage in San Gemini. They were a major contributor to the creation of the SGPS program in 1999 and continue to provide major political, financial and logistical support to our endeavors.

Parrocchia Santi Gemini e Giovanni Battista

We have maintained a mutually beneficial collaboration with this parish since the beginning of the program. They provide us with facilities for our classrooms and workshops while SGPS faculty and participants work on the restoration of several of their religious buildings as part of our field work.

Comune di San Gemini

The city of San Gemini has been supportive of our program since the beginning, facilitating various administrative aspects as well as collaborating on the conservation of material from their historic archives.

Soprintendenza per i Beni Ambientali, Architettonici, Artistici, e Storici dell’Umbria
Italian law requires all restoration work to follow guidelines, obtain approvals and be supervised by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. SGPS has maintained an excellent working relationship with them since the beginning of the program.
Soprintendenza Archeologica dell’Umbria

As part of our course on the restoration of archaeological ceramics, SGPS faculty and participants have been involved in restoring archaeological material from the Museo Archaeologico of Perugia, which is part of the Soprintendenza.


Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio dell’Abruzzo

As of 2018, a significant 3-year cooperation agreement has been signed with the Office of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for the Abruzzo Region to study and conserve archaeological objects stored in their warehouses in Teramo.

Facoltà di Ingegneria, Università di Perugia

We have collaborated with some faculties from the University of Perugia including Professors Marco Corradi and Emanuela Speranzini, researching work on San Giovani Battista and (more recently) on the Roman Baths of Carsulae.

Dioceses of Terni, Narni and Amelia

Since 2011, we have an ongoing collaboration with the Dioceses of Terni, Narni and Amelia. As part of our courses on bookbinding conservation and paper restoration, faculty and participants conserve and restore archival documents from the historic archives of the Dioceses of Terni and Narni.



Valdosta State University
We have collaborated with this university on the excavation of the Roman Baths at Carsulae since 2006, led by Professor Jane Whitehead.
West Virginia University, Art History Department

In 2018, SGPS made an arrangement with West Virginia University whereby students participating in some of our courses are able to receive accreditation through the WVU Art History Department.

University of Notre Dame School of Architecture

We are newly collaborating with the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture on a research project: the architectural and structural survey of the excavation site of the public baths at the ancient Roman city of Carsulae.

Historic Preservation Institute – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

The SGPS originated as part of the Institute in the late 1990s. We have maintained ongoing relationships and collaborations with members of the institute.



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